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In this installment: Beat the Summer Heat and Shorten Lines in 2018!

Beat The Summer Heat:

  • Know When To Go

    Know when to seek medical attention for yourself or others who are experiencing heat exhaustion or stroke. Elevated heart rate, feeling faint or dizzy, and cold sweats are all symptoms of heat exhaustion. Find out more at

  • Keep an Eye on Each Other

    Although conference operations can be hectic, it’s important to keep an eye out for each other on hot days. Notice a guest who is looking a little exhausted? Offer them water. Know that a staff member has been standing in the sun for a while?  Remind them to cool off. Look out for your fellow humans (non-humans, too! Keep Fido hydrated!).

  • Drink All the Water

    Okay, maybe don’t drink all of it. Divide your weight in half to get the total ounces of water you should drink daily. You’ll need to increase this on hot days. Some sources say that 4 cups per hour is the best way to stay hydrated in the heat.

    Bottom line: Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink water – by then you’re already dehydrated!

  • Seek the Shade

    Removing yourself from the direct rays of the sun is the quickest way to gain some heat relief. Pack an umbrella during summer months for some man-made shade in no time.

    Note: seek shade, don’t throw shade.

  • Shorten Shifts

    As a Conference Manager, weather forecasting is probably top-of-mind with regards to an event… but what about with regards to your staff? Take special note of heat advisories throughout the summer and consider shortening shifts or creating a rotation between outdoor and indoor event responsibilities. A staff buddy system may help to ensure nobody is getting stuck in the heat.

  • Sweat Buckets

    While most of us probably don’t prefer to sweat at work, it’s a great indication that you’re properly hydrated. If you’re hot and notice that you’ve stopped sweating, it could be a sign that you’re experiencing heat stroke. Find a cool location, drink water, and seek medical assistance immediately.

Shorten Lines in 2018:

Fall is the best time to evaluate the need for, and implement, new software solutions. Re-hashing your summer with your team, before the mishaps and road bumps fade from memory, will help you to identify what tools may make next summer even smoother and your clients even happier.

A top concern for clients is often efficiency, especially during large group events such as check-in or check-out. Where your clients are concerned about their guests, you should be concerned with the effect that clunky operations have on your bottom line.

There are many software solutions out there that can lend your team a hand, but the push toward mobile-friendly platforms is one that you don't want to miss!

Shown above: Iris Front Desk by Seattle Tech

Mobile software elements help streamline your operations and shorten those lines!

  • Check-in/-out individuals and groups
  • Check availability and coordinate room changes
  • Mark rooms dirty, clean, or unusable
  • Leave helpful notes for staff

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