Reporting Services

Customization for your unique program.

What it does for you:

We pair our knowledge of Seattle Tech software with your in-depth understanding of your operation to craft important internal and external documents and reports. Just imagine the time you'll save by generating reports with the click of a button!

 Check out just a few examples of the many reports requested by customers:

Conference Invoice

Group Billing is the most common billing method in Conference Programmer (CP). The invoice for the entire group is sent to the main conference contact who is then responsible for submitting full payment.

Subgroup Invoice

Subgroups are a handy way to organize groups within a conference, especially if they prefer a separate invoice (for example: a sports camp with multiple high school teams attending).

Individual Invoice

Individual participant invoicing is quickly becoming the preferred method as more universities incorporate Iris Registration into their operation.

Account Summary by Conference

This report displays a summary of charges and payments by account for conferences within a chosen date range and is formatted to export cleanly to Microsoft Excel.

Participant Transaction Detail

This report gives a detailed account of each participant in a specific conference when charges and payments have been assigned to individuals through Iris Front Desk or CP. This is a great report for use in conjunction with Iris Registration.

Group Billing with Participant Detail

Customers love detailed billing! This report offers all of the detail they could hope for, and is automatically updated from Iris Front Desk as participants are checked in and out, or billed for incidental charges. Many CP users provide this report alongside the final invoice.

Estimated Revenue

Forecast revenue by specifying a date range. The financial data generated by in-depth CP meals, meeting rooms, catering, and computation of costs wizards will compile into this concise report.

Roster by Conference and Status

Quickly generate a concise list of participants grouped by their status.

Conference Cover Sheet

This is one of the most popular reports in CP. All general information about a group is listed as well as information generated from all wizards. This report is generally printed and kept in a folder for each group.

Registration Cards

This is not the most commonly used report in CP. However, users that do not have Iris Registration in their toolbox may prefer to print registration cards for each participant. This report is often customized to print on a specific Avery card product.

Registration List

Aside from invoices, this is the most customized report in CP. It is used for checking participants in when a group arrives. Generally, guests will sign or initial this form before receiving their room key. This report is also useful for check-outs and for identifying who did not return their key or access card.

Participant Rooming List

This is a simple roster by conference that displays participants and roommates in building and room order.

Capacity Summary

This report provides useful building and room statistics within a chosen date range. It is a very popular report for determining which buildings had the highest and lowest use during your conference season.

Conference Cover Letter

Though many CP users choose to correspond via email, some prefer to send confirmation letters which can be exported to .pdf and emailed. It is straightforward to include estimated charges as well as deposit schedules with specific due dates.

Roster by Conference

This is an alphabetical list of participants. It is very useful when group leaders or chaperones request a participant list with room assignment as well as arrival and departure information.