2021 Iris Conference Platform Webinar Schedule

Learn about Best Practices, New Functionality, and Get your Questions Answered

To help you prepare for the 2021 conference season, we are offering freee webinars for Iris Users.

Our Webinar Series starts the Week of March 22nd and continues through the Week of May 31st.

Check-out the complete Webinar series below.   See you in the sessions!

Iris Setup and Tools Overview (30 min)
March 25th 1:00 PM ET

Intended Audience: Coordinators & Administrators

Webinar Topics: An overview of key setup items in Iris Conference.   We'll cover setup of event and participant fields, sales stages, maintenance groups, deleting events and participants, occupancy stats, and how to configure access to reports.

Webinar Length: 30 Mins

Iris Conference - Organizations, Events, and Sales (60 min)
March 30th 2:00 PM ET

Intended Audience: Coordinators & Event Planners

Webinar Topics: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Iris Conference.  How to work with Organizations, Events and Contacts to manage your sales process.  An in-depth look at how Iris can be used to track communication and activities, manage quotes and contracts, and accurately project your future sales.

Webinar Length: 60 Mins

Iris Conference - Activity Management (30 min) 
April 1st 1:00 PM ET

Intended Audience: Coordinators & Event Planners

Webinar Topics: Keep your team on track with Tasks and Activities.   Learn how to setup task templates and apply them to events, how to manage daily tasks, and how tasks flow to non-coordinators.

Webinar Length: 30 Mins

Booking Resources - Bed Space, Meal and Meeting Planning (30 min)
April 6th 11:30 AM ET

Intended Audience: Coordinators & Event Planners

Webinar Topics: How to plan and book the space that your event will use.   Dining Halls, Meeting Facilities, and Housing spaces are all managed in Iris Conference.   We'll explore the best ways to book space and how to use our scheduling tools in detail.

Webinar Length: 30 Mins

Iris Conference – Billing (30 min)
4/13 —11:30am ET

Intended Audience: Coordinators & Event Planners

Webinar Topics: We'll look at how to set-up and charge for events using Billing features in Iris.    Topics include Rate Templates. copying rates, charging from quotes, auto-charges, reconciling charges and providing billing detail to clients.

Webinar Length: 30 Mins

Iris Admin & Power Users Webinars - (60 mins)
4/26 — 3 PM ET

Intended Audience: Iris Power Users, IT Staff, and Coordinators.

Webinar Topics: An overview of Iris Front Desk, Iris Housekeeping and Public Safety for coordinators.   We'll cover standard procedures for your staff, best practices, and key features that help you keep on top of your staff that use Front Desk and Housekeeping.    We will also cover user account creation and management, security claims for users, and the setup of desks. desk logs, and incidental charges.

Webinar Length: 60 Mins

Iris Front Desk Users Webinars - (60 Min)

Intended Audience: Front Desk Staff, Check-in / Check-Out Staff, conference assistants

Webinar Topics: We'll provide an overview of how Iris Front Desk is used by taking users through a busy day in Summer conference season.

We'll show how Iris Front Desk is used to view key information about groups on campus and remaining work for the day.

Finding participants, performing check-ins and check-outs, using the desk log, participant changes, reports and best practices for desk staff are all included in this training.

Webinar Length: 60 Min

Iris Housekeeping Webinar - (30 Min)

Intended Audience: Housekeeping Managers, Iris Power Users, Coordinators

Webinar Topics: Housekeeping planning and updating the housekeeping inventory. Prioritizing cleaning. Filtering and sorting rooms to clean. How to check the history and occupancy of a room.

We'll also show how to view occupancy for maintenance purposes, how to export lists and print data and view how maintenance conferences effect the rooms to be cleaned.

Webinar Length: 45 Mins