Conference Programmer

Your new best friend.

New Conference Programmer Licenses are no longer being sold.

Please Click Here to See Iris Coordinator, our new cloud-based product.

What it does for you:

  • Quick-and-Easy Notifications

    CP enables your team to leave time-stamped notes regarding important conference details. The software also provides quick notifications regarding space availability.

  • Online Registration

    CP interfaces directly with STG’s Iris Suite Products including Iris Registration. This seamless partnership gives you the best live data possible regarding your conference registration process!

  • Save Precious Time

    We save you time with automation: contracts, confirmation letters, emails, invoices,  rosters, and even assignment importing!

  • Check Off 'To-Do's

    Create custom task lists for any given conference that report to you exactly where your team is in the planning process.

Information Database

Store, manipulate, and search conference and participant information quickly and easily. Use custom fields to gather the information that matters the most to your operation, then generate attractive reporting based on this unique information!

Space Management

Create and update space reservations manually or auto-assign by importing rosters automatically. Block off space for alternate use or maintenance issues to help prevent any assignment emergencies!

Reservation Management

Participant information is available at the click of a button and is easily updated. The participant profile details about the guest's room assignment and roommate.

More Information: