Iris Housekeeping

Facilities and Housekeeping Management Designed for Summer Conferences


What it does for you:

  • Turnover Management

    Manage space turnovers with the ease and precision brought by seamless communication.

  • Cleaning Notifications

    Enables your team to easily sort and prioritize rooms ready – or soon-to-be-ready – for cleaning as soon as possible.

  • Infinite Reporting Options

    The custom reports our team creates for yours run the gamut. Move your business forward with the data that drives it.

  • Check Off 'To-Do's

    With the ability to view room cleanliness data in different ways, your team will be more empowered to move through tasks efficiently.


The Iris Housekeeping Dashboard adapts to the device being used and provides quick access to tasks and info.

Dirty Room Queue

Several different views of dirty room data allow greater understanding of room status, location, ready-date, and cleaning requirements.

Iris Front Desk Integration

Iris Front Desk users interact with the Housekeeping Dirty Room Queue by adding, removing and sorting dirty rooms. Staff may undo a check-in due to a dirty room or manually add a room to the Dirty Room Queue.

The Details:

Accessing Housekeeping Info. +

Accessing Housekeeping Info.:

  • Stored on Iris platform
  • Available online, real-time
  • View, update, and mark-clean rooms instantly from a phone, tablet, laptop, or workstation
The Dashboard +

The Dashboard:

  • Housekeeping functionality centered here
  • Similar to front desk dashboard
  • Display important summary info. for effective resource allocation:
    • Occupancy status and cleanliness status of all rooms
    • Total check-outs
    • Total rooms that must be cleaned today
    • Room counts and statuses by building
    • Remaining work and rooms marked as cleaned
How it Works +

How it Works:

  • Provides queue of dirty rooms within Iris Front Desk to Housekeeping Supervisors
  • Users interact with the room queue, adding, removing and sorting dirty rooms
  • Multiple data views allow greater understanding of room statuses
  • Dirty rooms displayed in several web-based screens and master Dirty Room Queue:
    • Queue may be printed, copied/pasted, or saved into text, Excel or .pdf.
    • Rooms get added to the Queue when:
      • Guest checks in
      • Front desk staff member undoes a check-in due to a dirty room
      • Staff member manually adds room to queue
    • Rooms get removed from the Queue when:
      • Staff member marks room as cleaned
      • Staff member manually removes room from queue
    • Queue can be sorted by:
      • Building and room #
      • Days until next use
      • Expected vacated date (check-out)
      • Room type
    • Queue can be filtered by:
      • Building
      • Group
      • Occupancy status
      • Days until next use
Requirements +


  • Functionality requires:
    • Iris Front Desk
    • CP Hosting
    • Conference Programmer V.6