Iris Front Desk

Easy-to-use efficiency. Finally.

What it does for you:

  • Speed Up Training

    Training got ya down? Speed it up while increasing productivity overall. Our user-friendly software is easy to learn and even easier to manage!

  • Quick-and-Easy Notifications

    CP enables your team to leave time-stamped notes regarding important conference details. The software also provides quick notifications regarding space availability.

  • Customizable Data

    At Seattle Tech we celebrate differences! Conferences are like snowflakes – no two are the same. Customize check-ins to best suit each of your very unique conferences. Let the celebration continue!

  • Free Yourself

    The world is your oyster! Free yourself from the desk with remote check-in/-check-out. With access to the cloud and an attractive mobile version, our software will really take you places.


The Iris Front Desk dashboard adapts to the device being used and provides quick access to tasks and info. Empower your staff with our easy-to-use interface


When making assignments your staff can review the name and gender of guests already assigned to a space with an open bed. Easily find and assign vacant space quickly, and never double-book again!


Our in-depth search allows your staff to get to the information they need as quickly as possible, shortening lines and wait-times for your customers.

The Details:

Technology +


  • Iris Front Desk utilizes an HTML5 display interface that automatically adapts to the type of device or web browser on which it is displayed.
  • Web based
  • Cloud hosted
  • Mobile device optimized (iOS, Android; Phone and Tablet)
  • Requires Conference Programmer (CP)
Functionality +


  • Designed to replace CP for your summer and student staff
  • Full-time staff still utilize CP for wizards and reports
  • Streamlined and easy-to-use interface dedicated to primary tasks and responsibilities
Participant Management +

Participant Management:

  • Participant info. displayed in clean interface for quick location and manipulation
  • Create and modify participant details
  • Record incidental charges and lost key
  • Set up standard charge templates and select from drop-down list to apply
  • Change participant status
Check-Ins & Check-Outs +


  • Perform on-site individual or group check-ins/-outs
  • Capture digital signatures
Room Assignments +

Room Assignments:

  • Blocked space in CP will show available for assignments
  • Quickly accommodates guest needs
  • Complies with established space priorities
  • Select space from anywhere on campus outside of blocking
  • Quickly and easily make room changes and alter guests' length of stay
Desk Log +

Desk Log:

  • Central repository for guest and group info.
  • Keep up-to-date regarding guest issues and requests
  • Categories label entries like maintenance or lost-and-found
  • Flag entries as reviewed or not
User Management +

User Management:

  • Designed to limit need for IT support
  • Manage unique user accounts and authorizations independently
Requirements +


  • Requires Conference Programmer (CP) v.6
  • Runs on all modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer (v.8 and newer), and Safari