Seattle Tech in a nutshell:

Seattle Technology Group, Inc., (Seattle Tech) is all about efficiently networking people and systems through elegant data interfaces. We are an expert consultant team supporting more than 130 clients in the US and Canada with our more than 100 combined years of experience. We welcome each of our clients to our team with a custom implementation of our products and on-site training.

In addition to our core product offerings of Iris Suite Products and Conference Programmer, we offer a custom line of business solutions utilizing web services and various interface technologies. We're enthusiastic about data, consulting and customer service.

The dream team:

Noah Becker

Noah is based in Pittsboro, NC, and lived and breathed conferencing and university life for nearly two decades - 13 of those years with Seattle Tech. Noah is an NC native, tech. enthusiast and beard cultivator. When he's not busy enhancing Seattle Tech's Iris suite of solutions, developing new products, and twisting his beard in deep thought, you can find him in a canoe, hauling firewood, or petting the dopest cat in the world, Boris.

Tom Dicato

Tom is based in Pittsboro, NC, and is an account and implementation manager. He has both a Res-Life and Event Planning background. At Northern Virginia Community college, Tom ran Student Programs. His current role is to ensure the ongoing success of Seattle Tech's software products.

Ryan Hamilton

Ryan Hamilton is based in Seattle, WA, and is the founder of Seattle Technology Group, Inc.. He enjoys programming, traveling, getting out into the back-country, and adventure cycling.

Joe Reed

Based out of Pittsboro, NC, Joe joined the team in October, 2017, and brought with him more than 35 years of experience in computer technologies and support. He has extensive experience in coordinating school music festivals, competitions, and seminars across the U.S. When he’s not saving the world one support ticket at a time, he can be found attempting to play bass, guitar, and percussion instruments, making unique, decorative art lamps from found objects, or feeding his giant, 17.2-pound cat.

Michael Faust

Michael is based in Delaware. He manages our support operation and is a strong client advocate. Michael joined the team from James Madison University (JMU) where he studied Computer Information Systems. As a JMU student, he was department project lead for finding, implementing, and training on conference and event software for the Conference Services office. His background in technology, integration, and event operations ensures support requests are resolved quickly and satisfactorily.

Hannah Uram

Hannah is based in Durham, NC. She got her start in communications and marketing as an intern with the Walt Disney Company before managing conferences for 5 years in the Heart of the Gator Nation (University of Florida) and joining the Seattle Tech team in 2016. A Chicago native, she is an avid Blackhawks fan and fully appreciates the phrase "winter is coming". She enjoys traveling, Latin dancing, exercising and exploring the great outdoors!

Mike Verkerk

Mike is based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He has worked with conference and event operations for over 15 years. Mike originally joined the Seattle Tech team from the University of Victoria’s Housing, Food and Conference Services office in 2005. With more than 11 years of experience at Seattle Tech, he has facilitated over 60 successful implementations and consultations across North America.